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DJ Dreas- king of midnight entertainment

#FiveMinFinesse, where the bars are heavy, beats get burnt and gunshots get fired.

If there is one thing that the nationwide lockdown has done besides flattening the COVID-19 is to unite content creators and consumers over locally produced arts and we stan!
In particular, we are referring to the lockdown launched #FiveMinsFinesse Instagram live series that happens past midnight and still manage to pull crowds of music lovers.
In his words, DJ Dreas describes the project which is into its second season as a platform for rappers to showcase their talents.

“We have artists from all over the country choose a beat and finesse (rap spontaneously and come prepared too). The aim is to support the artists and their talents and so far it has just done that,” he said.


The series that pull crowds of over 700 viewers each night features both male and female rappers who are up and coming as well as established ones show their capabilities.

The public that tunes in have all agreed that the movement is doing wonders for the industry as new talent is easily identified. The only downside to the episodes is when the host ends the live exactly when time is up whether the rappers have finished their set or not. Speaking to this, DJ Dreas says this season will be bigger and better for both bar spitters and spectators.

“Last season was full of record-breaking moments and it is all because of everyone who took part in the project and I am grateful for all the support,” he said.

The show takes place at midnight every day on DJ Drea’s Instagram live feed.


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