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#DjKBozMakeNdawanaPopular works!

By Emilie Shimbali

Artist Ndawana Ndume took to his social media with the #DJKBossMakeNdawanaPopular tagline that managed to do just what it was aimed to do. The hashtag which in no less than a few hours became a trend seems to have worked with the singer saying he wishes to work with the renowned DJ.

Ndume said that it is time to step out from the corners and flourish. According to him, he always had the passion for his arts to take by storm and with DJ KBoz.

“Can somebody please tell DJ KBoz, my favourite producer to make me popular just like he did to Exit and Samuel Ngondji plus Sally Boss Madam, please? Help me share until he sees it,” Ndume wrote.

Ndume said that he is very impressed with the DJ, after his projects with Sally Boss Madam, Exit and Samuele of late. 

“He is my favourite producer ever. I am very excited to see that my followers are tweeting, sharing and posting my #,” he says.

Speaking to unwrap.online DJ KBoz says

 “I feel tortured, so many fans have been inboxing me and calling me the whole day. Well, I am quite impressed with Ndume’s hustle. Of course, I am not gonna turn down to working with him. He has some kind of talent the problem is just that he doesn’t have direction. But if he is willing to listen to my guidance he is going to excel. I don’t have a problem working with any artist,” he shares.

Ndume said that he hopes to get a session with his favourite producer to gain popularity.


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