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Donlu Africa responds to J Black favouritism tweets

Donlu Africa, one of Namibia’s top music websites has responded to claims by rapper J Black that they have a few favourite artists that they work with.

J Black tweeted earlier this week that Donlu Africa only invited a few artists to their million streams party on 29 June 2019. The lavish party was held at Avani Hotel and a few Namibian artists and creatives were invited to celebrate Donlu Africa’s 1 million streams milestone.

J Black wanted to know why only a few artists were invited to the celebration party if a lot of artists contributed to Donlu ‘s 1 million streams milestone.

“Donlu thinks we stupid…they picked and chose their favorites to attend their event when way more artists have their music on the site…how fair is that?,” J Black questioned.


According to J Black Donlu Africa only works with certain artists.

“They really showing favourtism on another level, this is God Level of Biasedness,” he tweeted. He also called on Namibian artists to remove thier music from Donlu Africa.

Donlu Africa responded to J Black’s in a press release and refuted that they have certain favourite artists they work with. They stated that the reason why they could only accommodate a few artists was because Avani Hotel’s venue could only accommodate 150 people.

“Clearly any guests list wouldn’t please a lot of people, but we still stayed positive and created a balanced guest list of people who really helped build awareness for our brand,” read the press release.


Donlu Africa also highlighted that certain artists did not attend the event but they did not have issues with that.

The music streaming site said they have made sacrifices to better the plight of many artists and will continue working with artists in the future to let the music industry excel. “We know very well that as people who are visionary, favoritism would be the most backwards thing a company in our position could do,” said Donlu Africa.

J Black also stated that it’s all love and that he has no issues with anyone in the industry. He said he is just passionate about the music industry and is against people who try to cause division in Namibia’s music landscape.


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