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DONLU hits 1 million streams

1050 tracks on the website, from 165 artists and 56 albums!

The site, created in 2017 with the aim of making local music accessible worldwide, Donlu Africa has done more than its aims and provided a platform for local musicians to grow.

It is indeed a good day for the local music industry as one of the first proudly Namibian online music streaming platforms has reached a milestone of having 1 million views.

“It has a made a significant difference in the lives of the musicians, as their music is now available on a proudly Namibian site, that at the same time live up to International standards. Also with artists entering awards like the NAMAs that have used the site as a reference in terms of verification of release dates,” said the founder Llewellyn Adams.

Since its inception, so much has been to improve the navigation on the site for both artists and users. For one, Donlu has to improve the user experience on the site and as such have introduced custom user playlists as well as a history feature where users are able to see all recently played tracks.

“In terms of sales, we haven’t had too many, we are looking at making the payment methods more convenient for the end user and as such are in talks with various stakeholders to make it possible. I cannot give away too much regarding that right now, but all will prevail soonest,” he said.

To date, Donlu Africa has 1050 tracks on the website, from 165 artists and 56 albums.
Here are the most streamed song and artists:

  1. Epanda Rizzy – Ehafo – 66570 streams
  2. PhredGot1 – Price – 38076 streams
  3. Sally Boss Madams – Ecstacy – 37092 streams
  4. KK ft Tswazis – Khâimâ – 34859 streams
  5. Mazsanga – Ondjesa – 31445 streams
  6. Profit ft Kalux – Mamase – 28705 streams
  7. Sally boss Madam – Net So – 18430 streams
  8. Tswazis – Tia – 16130 streams
  9. Key (Maszanga) – Sunday Session – 14696 streams
  10. Tshasimana Beast ft Dice Ofogo – 13079 streams
    These are the overall most streamed ARTIST:
  11. PhredGot1 – 134692 streams combined
  12. Matongo Family – 69937 streams combined
  13. Epanda Rizzy – 66570 streams combined
  14. Sally Boss Madam – 61416 streams combined
  15. Kalux – 49929 streams combined
  16. KK – 35101 streams combined
  17. Mappz – 29620 streams combined
  18. Sean K – 22482 streams combined
  19. Lioness – 20728 streams combined
  20. Tswazis – 20198 streams combined


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