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Donlu turns two

Namibian music streaming site ageing gracefully!

Two years ago on 28 September, the streaming site Donlu was born and today with over a million streams and other milestones it has achieved, it is indeed beautiful watching it blossom and grow. In celebration of their two years of success so far, a birthday message was sent out on their social media pages. The founder Llewellyn Adams also took to his personal page and said:

“Happy Birthday To Us!!!

2 years, 1 752 053 million streams, 329 327 visitors 1 691 users, users 1 523 songs, 115 Artists and 69 albums! You still doubting that we’re the biggest? Look at God!!

Since its inception, so much has been to improve the navigation on the site for both artists and users. For one, Donlu has to improve the user experience on the site and as such have introduced custom user playlists as well as a history feature where users are able to see all recently played tracks. The site, created in 2017 with the aim of making local music accessible worldwide, Donlu Africa has done more than its aims and provided a platform for local musicians to grow.

“It has a made a significant difference in the lives of the musicians, as their music is now available on a proudly Namibian site, that at the same time live up to International standards. Also with artists entering awards like the NAMAs that have used the site as a reference in terms of verification of release dates,” said the founder Llewellyn Adams.


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