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Down memory lane with Star Dust

The duo of Breanna Kandanga and Muni Hoveka were quite a jovial and talented lot with Star Dust.
Well, something happened amid them chasing their stars in a rather competitive and sometimes unforgiving and judgemental world of music.

“We still talk and personally I would not mind a reunification and giving fans what we used to give them but sometimes you know these are just talks we have casually without pursuing but there will not be anything wrong with partnering again. We were very close to such an extent everyone thought we were inseparable, but we decided to follow our studies and we are all settled in or other careers, ” Hoveka told unwrap.online reminiscing the golden days of the group that many who remember their day still remember.

Well, nostalgic memories can be a very difficult yardstick to judge somebody’s ability at present, but this is the same group that scooped four awards on one night at a jovial Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) 2015 becoming an instant household name that made everyone feel their presents. Pundits in the industry saw nothing on them then but a duo poised for the stars and not letting anything stand in their way of success, fame and fortune from music.

Alas, nature had other plans. In 2017 they tried to come back with another album and rebranded to Nova primarily to capture their maturity and growth from youthful and budding Star Dust to a mature and serenading Nova. Guess the industry and fans can be very difficult and it takes quite a lot to convince them.

“I have had a few performances as a solo artist and I now perfume with a full band of hired session musicians. My last show as a solo artist was at Warehouse (now Brewers’ Market) just before the lockdown and I have had several other ones at the Wolf Shack in Windhoek,” Muni said.

Like many young artists who have nothing but talent, she has had her fair share of challenges in reconnecting with yesteryear glory that made them (Star Dust) a household name.

“As an artist who now preforms with a live band I have seen the level of maturity such performances brings but unfortunately, it is not very easy to get the attention of corporates
for the young artist as it is for the polished guys like Liz Ehlers, Big Ben and Elemotho,” she said.

For Muni who describes herself as an n artist who now ventures in different genres, legends like Jackson Kaujeua inspire her daily to chase her dream.

“Jackson remains a very inspirational figure in the Namibian music and he inspires me a lot.

Although I don’t sing regularly in my vernacular, I feel people like him mastered the art of connecting with their audience using the vernacular. It is the best way of reaching many people,” she said.

Considering the fame and impact of Star Dust in its heyday Muni reminisces the best of their abilities and would do anything to have the last dance with her partner.

“It will be nice if we can give it another go and indeed if a promoter and corporate can come to us and ask us to do it again, I will be more than glad to do it again. Two voices are better than one, why not, however, we will see,” she said.

She said they have met managers in the way of transformation for good or bad, but lunch just wasn’t in their way.

“We rebranded at some time after getting new management, but it never really got us where we wanted so I have been performing alone and the challenge is continuously getting support,” she said.


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