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Dr. Esperance’ study tip: study till you drop

Esperance shares her study methods that helped her get through med school.

MC and poet Esperance is one of the doctors who graduated from Unam School of medicine yesterday. Completing six years of reading, having gigs and shooting videos is not an easy thing to do yet she did. She shares with unwrap her five study methods which can hopefully inspire one or two people. Take notes although she doesn’t!

I don’t take notes
Ever since high school, I just read. I remember for my grade 12 biology exam, I sat on my bed and read the three textbooks and went to write. It’s strange but it works for me. I think writing takes way too time.

I study on my bed.

Really weird but I think that studying at a place that makes you comfortable helps. I study while tucked into my blankets and lying on my side or while lying on my bed with my feet on the wall. Whatever it takes to get the information in. People to try and force information in when they are uncomfortable and you end up forgetting stuff


Always top up!

I don’t make notes but before tests and exams, I read my work and read my friend’s notes. It helps because you will always miss something. That is a fact. Topping up with other information helps to fill gaps.

Good food

Good food motivates me to the best version of me. Reward yourself with good food during study breaks. It helps a lot! You study hard because you know that you get pizza at the end of those 4 chapters.

Study till you drop

Studying won’t kill you. My friends say I’m terrible to study with because once I start I don’t stop. But my theory is that I would rather study hard now and sleep later than sleep now and have to repeat the module.


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