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Dr. Libertine Amadhila praises SYMLAFA for an astounding event

There was nothing but great words of praise for the awards show that celebrate Namibian talents.

Simply You Lifestyle and Fashion Awards that took place last night were once a success. With everyone having stuck to the royalty theme for the night as well as embracing culture and tradition, the awards were well organized and attended.

The former deputy prime minister Dr. Libertina Amadhila who received the honorary award of the year spoke highly of the Namibian youth saying the elders are leaving Namibia in good hands. Amadhila also said she is proud of what the youth are doing to keep the culture of celebrating one another. She further added that she is proud of the outcome of the event and the organizers must keep up with the good work.

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Comedian Lasizwe the special guest of the evening also took the opportunity to talk about the LGBTIQA+ community stating that people should learn to accept one another. He also made a valuable remark saying the world is sleeping on Namibia as it is a country full of creatives in terms of music and fashion just to mention a few. The event was of witness to 18 nominees receiving awards in their prestigious categories.

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