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Dream Wedding title fight ceases

Creative director Julia Kadhikwa and wedding planner Windeline Kausiona are moving past copyright infringement fights for a reality TV show title.

Kausiona was accusing Kadhikwa of stealing her idea, claiming she had talked about her plans to host the reality television wedding show in Kadhikwa’s presence on more than one occasion.

Kausiona said one of these times was when they were shooting the music for Sally and Leatherman.

However, Kadhikwa recently announced she would soon launch a wedding reality TV show and threatened to sue Kausiona for defamation for accusing her of stealing the concept for ‘Dream Wedding’.

Kadhikwa’s lawyers informed Kausiona’s lawyers that she erroneously asserted copyright over a video produced by Pamoja Records and not Wendy Creations.

“Your client is further reminded of the declaration she signed when registering her purported copyright works. Your client did not invent the wheel on shows that depict traditional and cultural weddings and cannot assert a monopoly on that concept as it falls outside the ambit of her copyright protection,” Kadhikwa’s lawyers said.

Kadhikwa has in the meantime decided to drop her legal threat, saying she believes she will win the case hands down and this would mean Kausiona would have to compensate her.

She also said she decided to forgive Kausiona because she doesn’t want to humiliate her and rather wants to pull her up.

“What motivated me to forgive her is that we are women and as women, we should uplift each other rather than bringing one another down,” she said.

When contacted for comment, Kausiona said she has been advised not to speak on the matter.

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