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E-wallet: new era of music sales

By Emilie Shimbali

The E-wallet technique is now being utilised as a simpler payment channel to distribute music, in addition to casting massive audiences and selling CDs to make money. Chester House Prince, a local artist, confirmed to unwrap.online that exchanging songs for eWallet is the quickest way to sell his art and earn money.

He believed that a new form of buying music could be a boon for emerging artists if it is well managed and regulated.

” I am not the only one nor the first in Namibia to use this method,” he stated.

Namibian artists stand to gain the most from this shift. A wide-ranging and cost-effective access to digital money and phone-based transactions could open the doors to getting music fastest without traditional ways of selling music.

“ We have to start digitalizing everything like music-wise because CDs are slowly fading and surely will not make it anymore. Digital sales are becoming more,” he said.

Because of Covid-19’s rapid impact on the entertainment industry, anything a person may desire is only a touch away. As a result, a vast majority of musicians and other artists have opted to increase their digital sales through the process of e-wallet. In this digital age, smartphones have changed the world in a variety of ways, including how payments can be made.

According to Abraham Amushila, the Chief Executive Officer of Viralcom; an online music store, because Namibia lacks a governing agency for music, it has resulted in a free market. As a result, he advises this method to young artists as a smart approach to marketing their music and enabling growth.

According to Amushila, this strategy serves as a wake-up call for musicians, as it makes them realize that some people will listen to their songs only because they are free. “I’m not opposed to this strategy because it is dependent on a person’s fan following. We’d like to support the local music sector and ensure that local fans have the most convenient access to music,” he said.


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