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EES is feeling underappreciated

By Dalene Kooper

Having been in the music industry for over twenty years, Veteran Namibian-German kwaito artist and rapper EES, feels he has not received the recognition for his hard work since 2012. The Kwaito artist said that over the last two years, he contacted and spoke with soo many record labels and TV stations in Germany to share his craft but they all declined working with him. Either it was too unique or it is not commercially compatible was their response, “But music and art should not be judged on how compatible it is – this is dangerous for human kind and creativity itself” he says.

“The amount of declines I got in the past two years has just been a lot, when I say a lot, I really mean a lot” the artist expressed. The musician said that he knows what he is doing is exactly what he wants to do and that he is destined to do it. However, he said that the way he does his music , he does it the way he wants to and it is closing many doors for him. He further added that he is not someone who just jumps on every trend just to make money or be relevant, but because mumble music etc is not something he can relate to.

Much of today’s urban music really sucks, very little melody, groove and let me not even start talking about the content of the lyrics, which really declined in the last couple of years in my opinion.
It feel like all you have to do is get very colourful hair and make some sounds on a beat and you get attention on the internet! ” he said.

Despite all that, he said that music is his passion and that he feels very honoured to be able to do music.

“If you are an artist and have ever experienced the power of music and what it does to the people who listen to it. Once I understood the power, I realised how important it is to stay true to myself and release music that motivates people” EES said.

The kwaito artist and rapper expressed on his Instagram story how record labels in Germany keep on declining his work. He explained that it is normal when one goes through all this pushing and promoting, and yesterday was one of those moments. But its important to know how to rest when these moment occur and not give up.


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