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EES reflects on Never Over ft Ongoro Nomundo visuals

Never Over, five years later and the message is still relevant.

A great artist, amongst many things is one who is able to create art that can last a lifetime and make a difference in society. A good five years ago, award-winning kwaito star EES and Ongoro Nomundu gave us a track meant to define today’s generation in terms of unity titled Never Over. The song that is on EES’ Authentic Rebel album has been praised not only because Oviritje and kwaito have never sounded so great but also because of the message that the song carried too.

Recently, nostalgic EES shared the music video on his Instagram with his followers and love and appreciation poured in all over once again. unwrap.online managed to catch up with the German X Factor 2018 winner ESS to shared what the song means years later and here is what he had to say.

unwrap.online (U): What was the initial aim of the song when it was made?
EES (E): I feel like I want to use music to more than just lets people dance and sing along – but unite us no matter what color, culture or background we have. I am also very tired of the older generations always looking back in time and in that way distracting the young generation to move forward together. When I met Ongoro Nomundu at the 1.5 Mixa Live concert – I knew I would want to do a song with them that would mix the Oviritje and Kwaito/Pop sound.

U: Why did you believe Ongoro Nomundu would be the perfect complement to the song?
E: I am somehow fascinated by the Oviritje music and the sound used in that genre. The challenge to mix my Nam Flava sound with it was something I really wanted to try out and one of the best to help us was the well-known music producer Araffath Muhuure.
U: What was the creative concept behind the music video and did it come out as intended?
E: The idea behind the music video was to show that we as the new generation – if we work together will make a better future for everybody. The video was produced by “Easy Languages” and it was supported by the German Embassy and actually became better than I thought it would become.

U: What were the locations and how long did it take to shoot?
E: It took us about a week to shoot the video including the preplanning of the script. And we chose two main locations – one to show the beauty of Namibia scenery at Spitzkoppe and another in the secondary school A.Shipena in Katutura.


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