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Environment Fund celebrates green

The Environment Investments Fund (EIF) has during its third annual Sustainable Development Awards ceremony recognised outstanding contributions to Namibia’s sustainable development including green financial institutions through leadership geared towards sustainability.

The event was held under the theme ““accelerating the green economy transformation as we recover from Covid-19” and looked at a number of categories including private sector and SMEs, community level natural resource management and utilization initiatives, research and development, youth action for sustainable development and pioneering journalism in the field of sustainable development.

Environment minister Pohamba Shifeta said the transition to a greener economy and the sustainable use of natural resources, will give Namibia the opportunity to move out of Covid-19 pandemic which has dented the tourism industry.

According to him the crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a decline of tourism in Namibia by 87%.
“This overnight collapse has translated into a massive loss of over 1 000 jobs, with the closure of many tourism-related businesses. At the broader level, Government has been affected by a sharp decline in foreign exchange and tax revenues, which has further curbed public spending capacity and our ability to deploy the measures necessary to support livelihoods through this crisis” he said.
The minister added that events like the Sustainable Awards will go a long way in promoting sustainability in Namibia and accelerating the green economy transition which is necessary for Namibia to develop.

Gloria Simubali, Chairperson of the Sustainable Development Advisory Council also believes that the events will promote the use of sustainable and green solutions which would in turn counter the effects of climate change.
“These Awards fits directly to this mandate and the awards seek to reach out to all sectors of society active in promoting sustainable development across the country, including organs of state, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, the private sector and funding agencies,” she said.

According to Benedict Libanda, the Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia the awards have grown tremendously since the first awards were held in 2015.
He said they have received 74 applications and believes that the quality of entries shows Namibians’ deep convictions in the race against the developmental challenges Namibia faces today.

The winners include:

  • Private Sector Champions for Sustainable Development with 3 sub-categories for start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprises as well as established companies

Start-ups: Paver Plast
SME: Ebikes 4 Africa

Established Companies: Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

  • Community level natural resource management and utilization initiatives

Lukas Mandema

  • Research and Development to reward outstanding pieces of research or innovations in the field of sustainable development

Professor Daniel Likius (University of Namibia)

  • Youth Action for Sustainable Development, which focuses on youth leadership and initiatives in the area of sustainable development

Ms. Toini Amutenya

  • Pioneering journalism in the field of sustainable development, which will reward outstanding performance in the areas of best print media, best social media, best radio and best television

Best Television: Mr.  Lesley Tjiueza

Best Print: Mr. Absalom Shigwedha

Best Radio: Mr. David Bishop

  • Women and Environment

Ms. Agnes Tjirare

  • Sustainable Schools

Ediva Primary School – Public School

Private School Swakopmund – Private School

  • Green Financial Services/Institution

Bank Windhoek

  • Thought Leadership

Dr. Mary Seely

The award ceremony was held on Friday 21 May at the Safari Hotel and Conference Center. It featured performances by PDK, Adora, Ronaldo the Violinist, Gretel Coetzee and Kalux.


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