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Esperance shares her space with other artists

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Supporting local products has always been a fundamental building block for growth in any local industry. One such person who recognizes the need to support other locals is poet, speaker and entrepreneur, Esperance Luvindao.

Being a creative herself, she decided to empower some local artists by showcasing their art on the wall of the restaurant. “If I don’t support local, I cannot expect that that same courtesy be extended to me. Charity begins at home and receiving artwork from people that want to showcase their work on my walls is absolutely phenomenal. It’s so difficult to pick, but my assistant says we need to make a decision as soon as possible so I’m under a lot of pressure to pick because everyone is so good,” she said

The poet says that the official opening will be in May, but that the shop is already operational at Chicco Mall in Ongwediva. “We have so much in store for our customers but to me, it’s all about authenticity. I have tapped into something and I am going all the way to offer northerners an experience like never before. There was a need and I filled the gap. Food is a need but you need to figure out what people eat and what they like. If you can do that you, have struck gold,” she said.

Ever since she moved to the northern part of the country, her entrepreneurship spirit blossomed, which prompted her to open a small ice-cream parlour called Doughty in the heart of Ondangwa last year.
“The idea was to bring some sweetness to the north. We sold ice cream, frozen yogurt and milkshakes. The idea brought customers from Ongwediva just to taste what the north has never quite offered in that manner before. Frozen yogurt for example to this day can only be found at Doughty within Ondangwa, Ongwediva and Oshakati,” Luvindao explained.

She said that the business quickly grew and this year, not only has she secured a shop that is bigger than her initial parlour, but also increased her menu. “We are now a full-on restaurant and bistro. With a menu unique to our customers, we cater to people from all walks of life. We have something for the sweet lovers and something for the savory lovers. Yes, we still sell ice cream, frozen yogurt and milkshakes but we have expanded to waffles, coffee, tea, cappuccinos, pizza and biltong,” she added.

Moreover, Luvindao says that her next upcoming project is bigger than her, but she cannot share a lot because the deal is still being finalized and that it will be in memory of her late mother.

“It is life-changing for me because while signing the official final document in preparation for it, I told a friend of mine that if I was to die today, and this project is all I achieve, I would have done what I was called to do. I have done a lot of things in my life, achieved a lot, but nothing compared to what I’ll be announcing next,” she concluded.


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