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Exit-the goodwill ambassador

Exit on school talent scouting, fitness day and the upcoming suicide watch.

Here is why we love Exit for fulfilling the big brother role very well.
The humble superstar started his year on a high note, spreading nothing but love through the projects he set himself up for.

The award-winning artist who recently dropped a virtuoso album titled The Life of Kunta Kinte caught up with unWrap.online to speak about his school talent scouting, the recently ended health day, his involvement in the TB campaign as the ambassador and his upcoming gigs.

Rockas Entertainment school tour is a motivational and skills development initiative aimed at inspiring school kids to work hard. The singer said they are done with the first phase of the tour, having visited 12 schools in Oshana region and engaging with 13 000 learners. Exit is certain that things will definitely change when it comes to registration next year at tertiary institutions.


“The goal of the Rockaz Entertainment school talent scouting tour was to give learners a chance to level the Namibian working plain field. I’m talking about a broad and intellectual approach to careers of choice. We want to encourage learners to become lawyers, architects, software developers, and even musicians and that’s the gospel we have been spreading,” he said.

Another project close to his heart was the Namibia fitness day initiative where the Rockaz Entertainment team held an eventful day filled with health activities from a marathon run to football, volleyball and netball alike. Exit says the event was crucial in the day where health issues are ripe; especially in students hence the dedication to northern-based university campuses.

“Health issues especially mental health awareness is an issue for educators and scholars. The impact of that a student’s mental health has on learning is an important part of a schools function. Some students become uncharacteristically withdrawn because they have mental health problems which cause them to become depressed and suicidal in some cases,” he said.

Exit and his team are currently working on a project called the suicide watch which will involve the team visiting universities, colleges and schools to give talks on mental strength. As the ambassador of the TB campaign, Exit also encourages the public to be conscious about their health and that they shouldn’t shy away from getting help.

“Are you coughing for 3 weeks or more? Coughing up blood? Perhaps chest pain? You got a problem with breathing and coughing? Weight loss? Fever? Night sweats and chills? Get tested for TB today, “he said.
As to why Exit is doing a lot of work in the north, the singer said that the head office of Rockaz Entertainment is based in the north and this is where all the magic is happening from. The singer still is a national artist.

Exit has a full gigs calendar and he says his fans can catch him in action, expecting nothing but entertainment from an artist with substance, a passion and dedication for their work and someone who cares about their fans. Stay updated with all things Exit and Rockaz Entertainment by following them on their social mediums.



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