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Exit wants beef with King Tee Dee and Gazza

There seems to be some sort of beef brewing between Exit, King Tee Dee and Gazza. If anything, Exit says he is ready to head to war with King Tee Dee and Gazza.

The Rockaz artist posted on Instagram saying that “I want beef, the game too boring, somebody f#ck with me pls! (sic)”.

Exit had some more words for King Tee Dee and Gazza when he posted that he is going to respond to whatever they say about him. ”
Say anything, I’m bored and I don’t give a F##$ My ink legit like that…Anybody! My crew only and I only f#$@ up punk ass ninjas…but I’m always alone though’ most of the time…shangeni omapandja mkwe2 mu dengwe no fundamentala yelaka…amti aike what what…say anything…I reply!,” he shared.

Not mincing his words, Exit said that the artists are scared of him. ”
F#ckas too scared coz everybody seen me in studio, I’m the greatest like Ali…only n#%ga that doesn’t go home to write a verse….IQ too high,” he posted.

On his Instagram story, Exit shared that King Tee Dee and Gazza both influenced him and this generation of Namibian artists and that he was grateful to them but he also insisted that there is new generation of artists like Young T, M-Jay, D-Kandjafa and many more. “Allow us to influence our generation in peace my guys, so we also give a chance to somebody else to influence the next generation,” he stated.

King Tee Dee and Gazza responded to Exit with King Tee Dee telling Exit to focus on his fan base and to grow it.


Gazza advised King Tee Dee not to entertain Exit. ” Don’t entertain these clowns, they must entertain us, we put some of them on and this is how they thank us,” said Gazza.

We hope these artists resolve their issues soon, Gazza and Exit have previously worked together on their hit song To Ti Ngaa. Exit also collaborated with King Tee Dee on their infectious hit Go hard or go home.

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  1. Namibian music industry stands peace at all times. So i’m not taking sides, but Exit focus on your music and life that you’re trying do or say on social media, just because you want fun or may be showing off to your fellow Namibians. First thing Exit must know is; TeeDee and Gazza had been in the industry for long period of time before he came up to live in music, he did music with the two big fish. So to us fans, we don’t want to entertain that beefing on others for fun or personal issues, it doesn’t change anything or build the music industry up; believe that! it will just lead both parties into hate and anger, which will bring up fights and the killing. Take an example from the Americans, we all know how USA artist ending up after beefing each other.

  2. Guys let us stop this story of beefing it gain nothing but hurting one an the other. If you want than you can build your fan and by that case u are fighting with ur competitors . don’t fight physical but musical and Talental. Elias Comedy find me on YouTube


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