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Exit hints King Tee Dee and Gazza to retire in 29 days-Diss Track

Exit releases diss track spilling the tea on Gazza and King Tee Dee

“Hambaa!” seems like Exit isn’t about to stop soon. The award winning artist has been calling out musicians King Tee Dee and Gazza for reasons including the fact that the industry is too boring for him as he mentioned on his social media platforms.

Sadly, King Tee Dee and Gazza really didn’t pay much attention to Exit for calling them out. Exit then got in studio to express himself in the way he knows best and came out with a 4 minute long diss track featuring Kaimbi where they spill some tea. At the same time, Exit also put a deadline on their careers in a verse one his track.

The diss track with a catchy tune, something some namtweeps have agreed on has Exit speaking out on his grievances with the two artists. Although one can barely make out what exactly is being said, Exit stresses on his rap game that it’s comparable to 2pac and Biggy making him someone not to be messed with.

He further says that nowdays n*ggas retire in 29 days. Is it a threat or is Exit just bluffing? Exit continues with accusations towards Gazza 467 that he stole his songs and the public asked him to speak out about it.

The fans reacted to how Exit is behaving on social media platforms after he dropped the diss track with some saying the beef is uncalled for whilst others defending him saying he has the right to be angry.


Exit having no chill posted on his Instagram stating that all the Swapo money that King Tee Dee and Gazza have been receiving from their performances should go to him because it’s being wasted.

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Natu galikaneni!

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Exit continued his rent, letting everyone know that in his generation, he is the greatest and that the will never be another like him posting a throwback picture of him and Mushe.


We don’t know how long this behaviour from Mr Rockaz it is going to last or how further he is willing to go with it but we wish him all the best. In the mean time, King Tee Dee continues spreading positive vibes and encouraging people to drink their water to help them mind their business and to eat carrots to help them not to loose their vision.


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