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Faith and Favour is on the horizon

The wait is finally over and as the release date for Faith and Favour an album by rapper, Kp Illest inches closer.

The 2018 Namibian Annual Music award winner for the best rap/hiphop, according to a video posted on his Instagram confirmed that the two-year wait is over and would have been worth it, as the rapper admits the album is his best work yet.

Not that it’s a competition between Faith and Favour and his debut album Price of Ambition which launch the rapper artist career into overdrive in 2017 and helped established Kp Illest with a strong fan base. The rapper however admits that Faith and Favour is not a normal album, it is something different and close to his heart.  

Illest has work with many of the biggest artist in Africa such as kwaito icon King Tee Dee and Nigerian’s very own Ice Prince so far, comes this November who knows which artists Illest might feature in this album but with all the hype around this album one can only speculate. Especially with post like this,

“I get happier and happier and more and more excited for you all to hear this album! I know it’s my best work so far!”

Novermber can just not come fast enough.


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