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Finding warmth in the kitchen with 1 Humble Palate

Don’t be bored in the house when you can be in the kitchen, taking your taste buds for a spin with experiments.

Creative and food writer Ashley Dube from 1 Humble Palate shares his tips on lockdown essentials needed for any meal preparation and what makes a great cook.

Dube says what drives his love for cooking is seeing people smile when they taste his dishes, experimenting with flavours and creating something totally different every time and seeing the come out.


“Many things drive my love for cooking, but I guess people enjoying my food tops them all.” Said Ashley.

He said most essential things one needs in their pantry during the lockdown essential for any meal and also affordable are simple items such as starches, a few tins here and there, and if you can, stocking your freezer. Rice, pasta, flour (which you can use to bake bread, or rolls, or dumplings to mention but a few,) and mealie meal,  a  carb-rich food that will keep you full for a long time and lasts a while too.

Cans of red beans, butter beans, act as a great meat substitute and are high in protein.

 If you are looking for meat, pork is a great affordable option, along with chicken.

He also added that to be a great cook, one must have passion, dedication and some ability to follow instructions.

Experimenting and not being afraid to try out new recipes also makes a great cook Dube says.

“With the current lockdown, it seems more and more people are discovering that they too can cook. Oh, and you should be able to cook eggs in at least 6 different ways. In the end, you should love to cook, and that will just come out in your food,” he concludes.



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