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Frankly Speaking’s heart-warming winter drive

Monthly poetry platform, “Frankly Speaking”, has recently initiated a winter drive to help
cater for underprivileged people in the community with clothing items.
According to the poetry movement’s co-founder, Frieda “Damn_Etu” Mukufa, charity is something that is close to the hearts of not only herself but her colleague Franklin “NorthSide Rabbi” Shitaleni, who was central to pioneering the winter drive.

“I think it mostly has to do with the fact that not all of us are fortunate enough to have
something especially clothing.”
“A lot of street kids don’t have clothing and a lot of orphanages are lacking and things like
that. So, giving back to the community is something that we always wanted to do,” said

The winter drive will also collect sanitary items to help members in the community who
struggle to afford them.

Damn_Etu highlighted the need for sanitary items to be made freely available in schools,
hospitals and clinics nationwide.

“It was recently World Menstrual Health Day on 28 May and I personally feel like in places
like schools, hospitals and clinics – there should be like a big box or something where less
fortunate people can go get sanitary items because not everybody can afford it.”
“I understand that sex is a choice, so me choosing to go and get condoms from somewhere is because I made a decision to go and have sex, but for me having menstruation is not my choice.”

“So, I think platforms should be provided where sanitary items are also given out for free,
especially rural areas, schools and clinics,” she said.

This winter drive will form part of every Frankly Speaking event until the end of the year.
“We are going to have it running and make it a regular thing. So, every other time that you
come to Frankly Speaking, bring an item along as long as it is a clothing item or a sanitary
item,” said Damn_Etu.

The scribe describes the state of poetry in the country as one that shows growth, especially with the recent introduction of the monthly Frankly Speaking platform.
Frankly Speaking, is one of the leading poetry platforms which take place every month. The
event provides poets with an opportunity to showcase their poetic works freely without judgement.

“It was a prominent thing back then. When Spoken Word was held at the Warehouse Theatre, it was lively. When that ended, I think it just sort of went down, but now we are
slowly picking up.”

Damn_Etu will be the main act as Frankly Speaking will take place at Muso’s Café and Bar
24, Windhoek on Saturday, 4 June.
With the poetry recitation set to commence at 18:00, the supporting acts will be North Side
Rabbi, Officially_Poetic and 44 Times.


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