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Freezaflame to bless us with his pap

If you are a lover of pap, this serving is definitely for you!

Almost every day a new artist enters the music industry and promises to deliver consistently. Freezaflame is one of the artists who promised not to give up anytime soon. The artist will be dropping his first single titled That’s My Pap tomorrow, a song that was mixed and mastered by Psyco who too features on the track.

Pap maker

“They always criticize and judge upcoming artists, they never really want to work with us. They just do it because they have no choice and I ain’t about that” says Freezaflame.

According to Freezaflame That’s My Pap is just flexing, a song that came to existence after he shared a plate of pap with his homies, how cool! This song also serves as an intro of what everyone can expect from him in the music industry.

When asked who he’s referring to as they who don’t like to work with upcoming artists Freezaflame laughs saying:
“I don’t want to mention names, that’s not how I seek attention from people,” he concludes.

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