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From rags to catwalk gowns, Happy is Tsumeb’s next big designer

By Anchua Naruseb

How Tsumeb Fashion Show changed Happy’s career and her next plans.

Beautiful, gorgeous or even speechless is a normal reaction from a crowd after seeing clothes designed by local fashion designer Happy Maria Xamises. And was the reaction from the audience at her fashion show in Tsumeb recently where the 25-year-old designer truly was recognized for her talent. Originally from Grootfontein, Happy was raised in Tsumeb. She first realised her talent in the third grade or as she says it was when the light first shined on her. During this time, she’d constantly drew models with clothing she’d personally design.
“My mother used to be like, you’re wasting paper because I used to use my school books,” she says.
As the years’ progressed so did her passion for fashion, despite her family’s wishes for her to follow another path Happy stayed true to her talent.

The fact that her grandmother and two of her aunties are dressmakers only amplified her desire to follow in their footsteps. Happy continues to say her grandmother is her inspiration also well-known American costume designer Adam Selman. After high school Happy enrolled into the College of the Arts in Windhoek where she was the top in her class. During this time, she made her very first dress, which she still has with her. It was a dress she designed for herself and has no desire to give it up anytime.

Her time in Windhoek however, pushed her to be more ambitious to keep up with city life. She used her passion to make ends meet including using her cab fair to buy material at China town. “Windhoek is not easy but it taught me a lot, taught me how to hustle for myself,” she recalls.
It is no surprise that Happy today is never short of clients as her designs and clothing are enough to catch anyone’s eye. Today Happy makes clothing including wedding and farewell gowns. The chappy designer says more clients came pouring in after her fashion show in Tsumeb to the extent of her making her working days strictly Monday to Friday.

Currently, Happy dreams of opening her own workshop in Tsumeb. She wishes to teach people tailoring and design and still wants to sell her projects to clients. Her message to everyone who loves fashion and designing to never give up on that dream inclusive of their gender.


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