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From the bathroom to the stage

By Foibe Shahepa

A 26-year-old Namibian male hailing from the small town of Rehoboth, Chaulken Alphonso Mc Nab, has all to tell about the dancing twists he started on a snail pace to performing on big stages. He is now becoming big shot choreography.

“I started dancing in closed doors and in bathrooms. Just after a short dancing training I got from the college of Arts I went to perform to Norway, Paris France, Israel and Berlin Germany got talents. It was so much fun and a great experience, “He narrated.

Alphonso, has been dancing for almost 6 years now and after he left the Namibian College of Arts, he went to seek for more professional skills broad. He worked with Yanis Marshall as his mentor and signed to a few artists in Israel and as well as becoming a personal choreographer for Lize Ehlers.

 Alphonso is also a Drag Queen known as MO”NICK” Critique who can be seen in Lize Elhers latest music video ‘Happy’ which features Gazza as well as a Queen in The TRIAD with Miss Mavis and Gigi.

“I am dedicated, determined and generally talented, but the most challenging thing for me is that there is still a very big stigma towards male dancers, and it is very competitive and difficult,” he shared.

Despite that, he stated that the most valuable thing to consider is mainly how the song brings sparks to the body, mind and soul to produce fantastic moves. Alphonso mentioned that, for one to succeed in dancing they need to love and to believe in music and be disciplined.

“I will be working on small projects with artists here in Namibia and Master Classes starting in February. Then if the COVID-19 pandemic gets better I will head back to Israel where I will continue with  my creative career as a Choreographer and Director,” he said

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