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Gazza tells it as it is

Gazza let all lose and spoke his mind at the Fuckup Nights event recently. He credited anger and anxiety as some of the main reasons why he made choices that were not good at the beginning of his career.


He recounted the time he shot at his brother-in-law Axel Zeppy Amutse and how he regretted that situation. Gazza who was charged with attempted murder says he was angered by his brother-in-law because he stole his laptop. “I was driving around looking for this guy and my wife was in panic mode because she was also scared of her brother. I had my gun on me; I was pissed off because I was travelling the next day and I needed the laptop. My laptop was my wallet. I found the guy running into the bushes, I stopped my car and took my gun and gave him a warning shot,” Gazza recalled.

Gazza says the media did not understand the situation he was in at the time and misinterpreted the situation causing him to lose out on endorsements. “I lost my endorsement with Tafel Lager then, I almost lost my house and my car. I’m not sure but I am sure my wife was thinking of divorcing me at that time,” he jokingly said. He says he deals with anger in a mature way now. “If you are busy building a brand just learn to walk away from all the negative stuff,” he said.


The Gazza Music Production (GMP) founder says another issue that was stopping him from reaching his potential in the music industry was trust and that it was one his biggest weakness. Gazza said he had placed his trust in his then manager, Zox Labushcagne and it almost caused him his GMP label.

The Chelete hit maker accused Labushcagne of stealing his artists and selling shares off his GMP company withouth his knowledge.

“My ex manager started a label within my label and sold shares of my label without me actually knowing. He also left the label with artists that I was grooming for years,” he recalled.

Gazza says back in the day, his main focus was based on his creative skills and left much of the business to his managers whom he trusted with his business dealings and that it was a huge mistake. The artists that left the GMP label were rapper D-Jay and The StreetKidz. They joined the record label called Inzinyoka Entertainment.

Lack of support

He also pointed out that some black people do not support others and that could have been part of the reasons he had a rocky start to his career. “Black people like to see other black people struggling. The moment you show an ounce of success they start to see how negative you are and how they should stop supporting you,” Gazza said.

Despite all his shortcomings, Gazza says he never gave up on himself and always stayed true to himself and that he was always ‘misunderstood’.

Fuckup Nights is a global movement and event series that shares stories of professional failure.


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