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Get Rich threatens Big Mitch with lawsuit

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Viral rapper Get Rich has threatened comedian Big Mitch with a lawsuit after the funny man allegedly used his music in a video that is making its rounds on Facebook.

The 58 second video shows Big Mitch poking fun at 80’s and 90’s gospel music while Get Rich’s song plays in the background. Mitch’s fans thoroughly enjoyed the spoof, which even got the attention of rapper Jericho who jumped into the comment section.

This however did not sit well with Get Rich as he also hopped into Mitch’s comments and wrote “So Mr Much Gaoseb, l want to know that to whom u Get a permission to using my Audio” on your video Crip is Me My Nigger Get Rich, President of GRCB, U didn’t even talk to me, u didn’t even talk to my Team to go ahead. Please report yourself to my Management,”

To which Big Mitch responded “My brother you send this Audio yourself to everyone on WhatsApp, most people have it, if your team had done their job and copyright it Facebook wouldn’t have allowed the sound on the video. So relax I like the song, you getting free marketing,”

Both creatives went back and forth at each other Get Rich insisting Big Mitch call his management team and Big Mitch poking fun at the rapper saying that Top Score should not get to his head.

He then threatened the comedian with a lawsuit and it seems that Big Mitch is not backing down.


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