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Getting closer to ‘The Edge’ with Dalton Ashikoto

By Emilie Shimbali

The year 2021 marks the coming of an original homegrown television series titled ‘The Edge’. The series is directed by Dalton Ashikoto and it turns out to be a steadfast ideal of what Namibia looks and sound like. All elements that are found in a modern series including strong family ties, corruption, bribery and money laundering can be expected in “The Edge”

According to creator and director Dalton Ashikoto, the series is mainly centered on power and ambition while softened by elements of love as well as family ties and the “House of God”. The storyline speaks to what happens when wealth and power become so central in people’s lives that they disregard the very essence of life in general. Its pastoral focus is well crafted on the country’s life.

“The series trails the main character papa K as he schemes from his church’s pulpit into underhand activities with showing utter disregard for the welfare of anyone who dates to stand in his way. Papa K brings new meaning to the term ‘nouveau riche’ with his ability to move with stealth between the outwardly legit business empire and the under hand Shenanigans at church,” Ashikoto said.

There was no slouching at making, for the extensive and narrative work the dramatis personae family of local actors that include Gino Ashikoto, Barbara Kahatjipara, Odile Gertze, Edo ‘Dice’ Lutete, Obed Emvula, Jeremiah Ndjoze and Cheez Uahupirapi made it all possible and beautiful. The Edge is also blessed with one of the Namibia’s fast growing director Maria Nepembe.

The series is co-produced by Jessy Akwaake and the trailer is already out on YouTube and it will officially be released in March.

Furthermore, Ashikoto is urging corporate and government agencies to come on board with much needed assistance with the final product expected to be streamed online via international content distribution platforms.

“The production of the series is intended as a direct reply to governments call for citizen’s involvement in the development of Arts. Our high-quality production works are intended for global market competition with our homebred actors and further exposure of Namibia to the world.” Ashikoto said.


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