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Getting to know viral comedian toddler

By: Josephine Mbangula 

Sofia is a little big-mouthed diva with super sassy lines that will have you rolling on the floor.

She is a fascinating potion of enigmatic entertainment that has mesmerised audiences of all ages on social mediums with her sassy, adorable and real sense of humour. Little Sofia Kateta caught the attention of the nation when her mother Emilia Thomas posted a funny video of her on Instagram that went viral of the toddler telling her mother that she wants to do squats to build her glutes. 

The 3-year-old who now has her own Instagram account gets over 15 000 views on her clips. Her mother claims that Sofia has been humorous ever since she started talking but the idea of taking videos of her did not come to mind then.

Her latest instalment includes Sofia admitting that she failed when she couldn’t point number four correctly on her learning chart. The video has those who watched it praise the little cutie for owning up to her mistakes and willingness to learn.


Sofia, who is also aware that she is amusing, aspires to be a doctor. Her mother says that if she one-day decides to take up a career in comedy she will support her all the way. 

“She is naturally funny, so if she is to take this up as a career I will let her be herself and do what she wants.”

The young comedian is described to be a loving and selfless child when the cameras are off. Being the big sister, she is said to be really caring to her younger sister. 

“When her small sister is crying, she gets upset and when I buy her something she always makes sure to share with her little sister, ” her mother narrated.

Emilia said the idea of creating an Instagram page for her was to share with the world how funny her child is. But when she began to read comments made on the videos she realized that her child’s comedy acts as therapy to some people. 

“Tears come out of my eyes when I read the comments on my child’s videos. Some people say that they come to her page when they are sad and when they watch her videos they suddenly forget about their problems,” she said.

Sofia who calls her fans aunties and uncles from Instagram says that she is thankful for the support. “I want to tell my aunties and uncles from Instagram that I love them so much and I will text them tomorrow,” says Sofia.

Her mother also assured that when she starts learning other languages such as English she will consider a YouTube channel for her for everyone to get a taste of her comedy.

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