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Goethe-Institut Namibia to air movies with free popcorn

Films from Namibia, South Africa, Kenya and Germany will be screened at the Goethe-Institut Namibia under the German Weeks 2019 initiative ‘OdD-inary Film Weekend’, which starts tonight.

The open-air screenings kick off at 19h00 with the Namibian film ‘Tjitji the Himba Girl’, directed by Oshosheni Hiveluah.

Tjitji, a bright young rural Himba girl, is torn between her parent’s cultural values and expectations and her personal desire to embrace the opportunities life has to offer, and maybe even fulfill her dream of becoming a talk show host like Oprah Winfrey.

“All selected films depict the difficult conversations individuals face when being themselves in society – not only in relation to external social structures such as traditions and cultures, but also deeper in terms of the internal struggles a person has to deal with, even when around close friends and not just society at large,” said Goethe-Institut Namibia cultural programmes assistant, Michelle Namases.

‘The Garden’, screened in German with English subtitles, airs at 19h30 tonight and depicts a family’s argument over the inheritance of their grandmother’s summer house, while strange things like falling trees and missing children baffle the surrounding community.

Kenyan film ‘Rafiki’, by director Wanuri Kahiu, has been banned in its country of origin. It screens tomorrow, Friday, 15 March, at 19h00. It tells the story of two young girls who fall in love but are challenged by society’s perception of same-sex relationships and the fact that their fathers are political opponents.

‘High Fantasy’, a South African film, will be screened on Saturday, 16 March, at 19h00 and depicts a group of young adults who, while camping in the middle of nowhere, wake up to discover that they had swapped bodies and must navigate a labyrinth of personal and political differences.

“’Rafiki’ and ‘High Fantasy’ inspire the youth of Africa to look past political and cultural differences, and support each other in personal journeys towards achieving goals and living together as one society,” said Namases.

Finally, ‘Western’, screened in German with English subtitles, will be screened at 21h00 on Saturday. It follows a group of construction workers from Germany and the native inhabitants of a remote Bulgarian village as ‘the other’ to each other.

All screenings are open to the public at no charge and include complementary popcorn.

For more information, visit goethe.de/namibia or Goethe-Institut-Namibia on Facebook.


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