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Goutam Das- The trading King is coming to Namibia

Mr Goutam Das, Director of Development- Africa at Grand Capital, is passionate about trading and investing.
Not only has he made it his life’s work to trade in many international markets across several asset classes,
he is also a crusader to make trading accessible to any person, and to bring the benefit of trading to ordinary people.

As far as markets go, he is always busy, never disengaged from his core activity for very long. Even during conversations,
he will still regularly check his mobile, occasionally searching for something or corresponding with one of his thousands
of clients around the globe.

His investment flair is an extension of his perceptive nature. Even in a motley crowd out on the street,
where someone else may see just a group of individuals, Mr Das observes every person as someone who can do
better financially than what he or she has achieved so far.

“Once the news is out there, you don’t have much time to waste. You have to keep your hand on the pulse of the market,
feel it, breathe it,: he said driving home his point of how important it is to stay informed.

“Trading is everywhere around you. You may think that the economy is something too large for you to acknowledge,
or currency is too abstract and ethereal a notion to have any effect on your life, but you’re mistaken.
It’s all part of a large fabric that constitutes life, it’s all connected and works together.”

And then comes his grand volley: “You can sit passively and let events take their course, let all that matters pass you by,
or you can take that fabric into you hands and start working it.”

As the main speaker at many trading and investing seminars around the world, he often elaborates on Forex trading
techniques, the intricacies of technical and fundamental analysis, investing strategies, and he explains the use of
trading software to build investment portfolios. Now he’s back in Namibia, and he definitely has something special in
store this time.

With about 43k following him on telegram where he provide constant market information.You can search in telegram Grand Capital Africa for market information

Or use this link https://t.me/GrandCapitalAfrica



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