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Hazel Hinda on being part of The Date

Come watch Hazel Hinda in the romcom The Date on Saturday at COTA!

The Namibian film industry is on the role these days as there are back to back 100% proudly Namibian films premiering while some are still in the editing stages.

One that is about to hit the screens this weekend is the romantic comedy by producer Mikiros Garoes The Date. The film that is independently funded was shot over the long Easter weekend this year at the Old Location bar and Restaurant sees two modern 30 something Namibian women, Lahja and Niki, who set up their friend, Hawa, up on a blind date, the first date she’s been on in years. The Date starts off simple enough when Hawa meets her blind date, Chris but the tables soon turn resulting in unexpected and comical mayhem for everyone involved.

The 18-minute long film stars prominent actresses Hazel Hinda and Lavinia Kapewasha will premiere at COTA in town and tickets will be sold at the venue too.

unwrap.online caught up with Hazel Hinda on her role in The Date and here is what she had to say.
unwrap.online (U): How would you describe your role in the upcoming short film?
Hazel Hinda (HH): She is crazy and funny…is all I’m going to say for now…I’ve done comedy before, stand up and in Theater productions, but I’ve not done one in a film set up, I’m a very versatile actor and I’m super excited for our audience to see me portray a comical character, which is something they’ve not seen me so often.
U: Besides the fact that people must support the local film industry, why should people come out to the premiere night?
HH: Well first of all it an awesome story line. It’s a romantic comedy and that’s a genre we’ve not explored much here in Namibia. It’s done by Mikiros Garoes, who wrote, directed and acted in it. Shot over two nights with immense planning and the professionals both on screen and behind the scenes have made it a duty to deliver a quality product that our people can not only enjoy and laugh but can support and hopefully want more of. We are looking forward to seeing the audience response to The Date.

U: How many local productions have you been part of thus far?
HH: I’ve done several theater and film production’s, most recently The White Line, A Raisin in the Sun and Fences.
For this year alone I have done a Feature film called Hairabeb which was shot in January and will be out soon as well, I have done The Date which was shot last month and I’m currently in Rehearsals for a theater production to be performed next month.
U: What do you like most about local productions and the story lines they have?
HH: There’s everything to love about our stories and especially when we tell it ourselves, the way we show it or portray it is what sets us apart from everyone else, yet it is universal and thus relatable, we are a unique country and very scenic country, which makes for a great cinematic experience. We are taking ownership of our narratives what’s not to love about that.


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