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How to get Get Rich in your town

Drop your town name today and get rapper Get Rich in a town near yours!

Internet sensation and artist My Nigger Get Rich is one who is not wasting time this year. Getting straight into work mode, Get Rich has taken to his social media, giving his fans and event organisers information on how to have him as an act for events and to have him launch his album. The poster with the information states that fans and organisers can comment with their town name on the post and this will mean that Get Rich will launch his work in your area as well as give a state of the nation address, covering current affairs.

Get Rich is one of the many outspoken entertainers who do not shy away from social injustices that the country faces. Last year, Get Rich spoke out about corrupt leaders, the youth and school dropouts, alcohol and drug abuse and gender-based violence which he has incorporated in his arts.

If you are a fan, don’t miss out on this opportunity!


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