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How to make the best of the lockdown

I’m certain by now many of you may be going crazy with all this free time on your hands, like someone once said be careful what you wish for in this case staying at home. Imagine we still have a couple of weeks to go but guess what I’m here to share with you how to get the best out of the lockdown.

Some of these things I will be trying to do and I invite you to join in on this challenge.

Personal time aka me time

Take this time to get to know yourself a little bit better and reflect on your life goals. In addition use this period to clean out unhealthy relationships and do what iSocial medias good for you and all you need is to spend 10 minutes of your  time on you, it can either be early morning or later evening. Discover if you are genuinely happy.

Social Media 

This is a marvelous way of killing the boredom and staying in touch with friends or finding the love of your life in your DMs lol but on the real, I have just fully understood how TikTok works and boy is it fun the laughter you experience is out of this world.


How boring this lockdown would have been without Twitter. Yes it’s time you join one of the most popular influential social media platforms. It provides you with timely information about the coronavirus and how people are experiencing it in some parts of the world and lastly it’s never short of humor.

Spend some time on building your social media network while you are at it. 

Family season

Finally, you are forced to spend more time with your family. Before they drive you against the wall, take a moment and enjoy your family. Some fun activities you can do, my favorite one being cooking/baking together draw up a cooking time table and divide yourself into groups so everyone has a chance to prepare a dish.

The family game night, nothing wrong with some healthy family competition to get the blood flowing.


This is also a personal favorite of mine because we would spend time reminiscing fondly about the past and make fun of each other and my brother would always get the short end of the stick cause he is crazier but the good crazy. We would find ourselves telling stories till the late hours of the night.

Stay fit and healthy

I swear this has been on my to do list for the past 3 years to get a 6 pack and it seems like, I will be working on that during the lockdown partly cause my brother challenged me and all I have to say is may the best man win. Since the gym is close, try some home workouts and you will get plenty of them on social media just so you stay in shape and I’m really feeling sorry for those gymaholic. Lastly don’t forget to eat healthy in order to boost your immune system because it’s flu season.

Get things in order!

Definitely this an ideal opportunity to start on that to do list you have been postponing for so long and yes I also have one! If there is stuff, you need to get rid of now is the time to do it, Whether it is getting new music on your phone or reading that book you have been putting off or simply rearranging your living space.

Just chill

DSTV, GOtv, Netflix and sleep in that order are excellent opportunities to catch up on your favorite series or discover new ones with incredible content on these platforms. I’m sure most of you will not be getting any sleep just like me.

During this difficult period it’s critical you keep yourself and your family safe by being informed with the fact of the coronavirus. Also, refrain from sharing fake unverified news which will cause panic.

Stay safe and wash your hands. 


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