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Immortalising Frankie, Michelle, Harry and Ras

Just like the Greeks have their pride with Akilis and many cherish this immortalized ‘god’ of the sword who lived in ancient Greece.

Well, Namibia might not have Akilis or any sort of relevance to Greek history but among us, we have Frankie Fredericks, Ras Sheehama and Michelle McLean.

These are the heroes of our time long after generations are gone just like the Greeks say we lived in the times of Akilis, we shall say we lived in the times of Frankie.

Alas, Frankie’s heroism. Or Ras Sheehama’s prowess deserves to be celebrated in this life or the next.

A facelift at Garden Inn one of the hottest places in Windhoek has shown that art is not only confined to museums and galleries and neither do we have to celebrate Namibian heroes long after they are gone but equally when they are still breathing.
The popular chill spot has memorialized Frankie, Michelle and Ras in a way befitting of the exploits by casting their paintings on their ways much to the desire of revellers at least when life becomes normal and revellers flock the place.

Bomba Shigwedha owner of the Garden Inn who was instrumental in the act said he took the decision to celebrate Namibian unsung heroes and legends in their lifetime.

The recently added touch of colour and life to Garden Inn also in ludes, Harry Simon and Dr Helena Ndume.

According to Shigwedha, this is to instil a culture of celebrating heroes and legends while they are alive.

“We have a culture of celebrating dead people and only giving them flowers when they are gone so we are trying to break that,” he said.

Garden Inn join other spots such as Chopsi’s, Kalahari Jazz Cafe to mention a few in setting the trend of appreciating local personalities.


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