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Inside Get Rich’s wardrobe

By Wilka Kayoko

Many do not take him seriously, others feel he is just a hustler trying to survive and well others just look at him as an attention-seeking guy who loves his fame, but alas there is more Namibia’s own Get Rich alias Paulus Njambi than what catches the eye.

For starters, his fashion does not resonate with many but surely cakes leave you in stitches.
Hate him or love him but Get Rich knows how to catch attention if it’s not through his music that many are still trying to make sense of then it definitely is his sense of fashion.
Well whether you wonder why he dresses like he does his simple assertion is that the artist thinks his style is well inspired by greats like 50 Cent and Tupac Shakur.

“I remember back in my high school years my fellow school mates would make fun of the way I dress and how outdated I look. I would constantly get asked why I dress up like 50 Cent when I’m not even rich but I had the faith that at some point in my life I’m going be at the top of my platform so I would tell them I’m not 50cent but I’m that nigga that’s going to get rich,” he said.
He added, “So it did not take long before many started calling my nigger get rich.”
Nigga get said he believes everyone has a purpose and he is simply to get rich and not keep trying.

“The few essentials on my outfit represent wealth and hard work. Every chain, ring and watch I put on speaks of a journey I walk and the big steps I’m taking. My boots are the unique part of me, I don’t have to look like anybody because they inspire me but I have my shoes especially manufactured by Bronx companies in L.A” he said.

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