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Inside Winning Season, the book

Here is why you need to get a copy for your bedside table, handbag or book collection!

Winning Season the book is a definite ideal book experience for anyone who is to lay their hands on it. The book that is soon to be released encompasses life as we know it and how one can maneuver their way around and live it. It is no wonder the author refers to the family-friendly memoir as a cookbook with scrumptious recipes for success.

So what can one expect from this book that is making a buzz on social mediums? The 14 chapters each tough on different topics that are based on the real-life experiences of the author Musongo Mittag Immanuel and those around him.

” It starts off with a prologue which basically talks about winning and how human beings developed the sense of winning. In this section, I take us back to the stone age days, how our ancestors defied the odds and survived through overcoming setbacks,” says Immanuel.

Another fascinating factor of the book is how it allows one to immediately materialise what they have read as it is written in a hypnotising commanding fashion and by the end of the day, it will be a Winning Season surely. If you are one who has been eager on learning about the importance of building a positive attitude, interpersonal skills, self-esteem, and image then this is a must-get book for you. If you are one who has been looking for help on how to befriend your inner critic to awaken your inner champion as well as understanding your destiny, then this is a must purchase for you! Follow Winning Season on social media for all details with regards to the book.


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