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It’s business unusual for Aurora’s Closet

By: Ashley Jantjies

Like most businesses, Aurora’s Closet who supplies denim not only in Namibia but to other African countries has been affected by the lockdown but remains hopeful that the situation will change and that business will continue.

Aurora Dacosta, a marketing student and owner of the online business Aurora’s Closet, told unWrap.online that, the lockdown made the business think of strategies to keep their clients close, thus the live stream. This mindset is reinforced by her recent Instagram live stream, that featured influential Namibian personalities including Maria Nepembe, on the possible expansion into Men’s pieces of Denim line, in addition to her currents.


“The aim of the business was to supply denim for everyone, for male and female. We started off with female and saw the progress was good, so we are going to launch the male collection,” said Aurora.

Maria Nepembe, who is no stranger to Aurora’s closet, previously directed a shoot for Aurora’s Closet to show samples of the jeans and how good and comfortable you’d feel in the jean.

“Maria Nepembe has been supporting a lot of local businesses. She has been working with us for the past four months, and she is also a denim lover,” said Aurora.


Since Aurora’s jeans are such a favourite among the ladies and ensure that they feel and look good, the business also wants to be as successful with the men.
The launch of the male collection is just a start for the business, the online business also wishes to open branches in other cities and countries and cater to all shapes and sizes.


“Every female needs denim in the closet, whenever you don’t know what to wear the option always is denim. I believe not only for female, but for male as well denim is compulsory, it’s a must-have in the closet,” said Aurora.



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