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Jackson Kaujeua – beyond the grave

Ten years ago, this week, the winds of change blew the heart, soul and face of Namibian music to a place that many prefer to call better than earth.

This certainly was not the first time the winds of change blew across the land of the brave, the last being steered by late Jackson Kaujeaua’s acquisition guitar strumming its way to defeating a firm yoke of colonial bonds and giving birth to modern-day Namibia.

He got to be respected, honoured and treasured through his song, the wind of change.

True to the lyrics of the song, his influence swept across the African continent, encouraging many sons and daughters of the motherland to fight for the elusive dream of independence.

The same wind of change gave birth to a happy, free Namibia and Africa.

Kaujeua is long gone. In fact, it has been ten years that this celebrated giant took an eternal rest, but alas, his memories are as vivid as yesterday.

The departure of the legendary musician a decade ago engulfed the better part of Namibia with sorrow.

But to Ujama Kaujeua, her father’s death was more than a loss.

While she reminisces the good times shared with her legendary father’s departure, she said, “ It felt like a big part of us was taken. It felt like a big shadow that covered all of us was lifted and we continue to remember him.”

“My father was a pillar of strength who took the time to look at all his daughters and tell us we are beautiful and capable of achieving anything. It is sad that the last time I spoke to him was on a Thursday and felt like he was going to die the following Tuesday. I miss him a lot and I wish he would have been around to witness me being the police officer I have become,” said Ujama, in remembering her father.

She certainly has no limitations on praises for her departed hero, whom she believes did well during his time to inspire different generations.

Such is the enthusiasm Kaujeua had, not only in his own but anywhere he travelled in the world his voiced pierced hearts, created relationships and made love possible among enemies.

“He left the five of us and our wish is to have his talent carried on. Jackson Kaujeua Jr. is the one who is pursuing our father’s dream, but we all love his music. The other members of the family include Jacqueline, Ndjambi, Mathumelo and me. Life is never the same ever since he left. Mum breaks down sometimes and we always tell her we are here for her and encourage her to soldier on,” she said.

Kaujeua was a lot of things to many but to his children, it seems what stands today and in eternity are the vivid memories he left in their hearts as a father.

“I am not a good singer, but my son likes to try. I do not think he understands the impact that his grandfather had on society though. We were used to sharing our father with many other Namibians and followers who looked at him as a father figure and we continue to bask under the comfort of his work.” She said.

According to Ujama, Kaujeua’s soul lives on in her and many that followed his traits.

“Well, sometimes I feel my father is still alive in me because whenever the chips are down, I think of him and this ball of energy comes. I always get inspired when I think of him,” she said.

Certainly, Kaujeua might a be in a popularised better place, but his works continue to live, and his voice still steers many who least knew anything about him.


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