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Jericho: I’m not perfect

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Jericho Gawanab also known as J-Twizz and self-proclaimed father of the hip hop game in Namibia has of late expressed his disappointment in younger rappers. His mini Facebook rant came as a result of the hate he is getting from the younger generation of hip hop artists writing “I picked up a trend of sharing nothing but hate towards each other, even towards my album release, but the sooner you , realize that I’m not to be f$#$d with, the better for your development and progress in this game, and I say that from a good place,” (SIC).

The He Ta Pa Te hitmaker voiced his opinion with his fans outwardly agreeing with the veteran rapper while giving advice. “I’m not perfect but my advice to others and upcoming rappers is to rather learn from us who kept the culture burning, you must understand your strengths musically, find an identity, and see which other people you can work with to get the best out of yourself,” he continued. He also stated that his latest project, ‘The Recovery’ was not received well by the up and coming rappers.

“When I dropped ‘The Recovery’, I was surprised at the reaction of other hip hop fans on hip hop platforms, it’s sad to see n*ggas hate on the Big Twizz in this time and age I have been doing this s**t for too long I feel sorry for those hating on beautiful work, work that represents not only me but a whole culture, a genre and a way of life,”

His frustrations aren’t something new as Jericho has not had a smooth ride during his career as he constantly battled with substance abuse, baby mama drama, legal issues, just to mention a few and all he seemingly is asking for are his flowers for what he has contributed to the Namibian hip hop culture. “Our Hip Hop culture deserves awards of their own, not gossip and hate, I hope to see people think along those lines, so we get to a point of having our own Hip hop awards,” he concluded.

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