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Jona Fullforce soaring to greater heights

  Kwaito artist Jona David better known as Jona Fullforce who entered the music scene with a group titled Fullforce is currently soaring to greater heights with a smashing signle titled Owashindange. With his unique touch in music, he has also released singles such as ‘Kapana’ featuring Topcheri and Ohaipula. With the Kwaito genre dominated by well established artists Jona believe he has the ability to change and penetrate into the showbiz industry with his ‘new sound’.

“I believe there is still room for every individual. If we continue believing that kwaito is only for certain people then we won’t try. I am a kwaito lover, I just want to bring a new type of feel” he explained.

 With the aim of spicing up the game, Jona Fullforce said he is currently working on his first album and has plans to feature artists such as TopCheri, Exit, House Guru Gang,Sam E Lee Jones and DJ Kboz. So far, he has already worked with the super star Exit.

Pressed on why he decided to go solo, Jona Fullforce said’ we really never broke up or anything, Uncle P was my friend; Jero is family while Tkay was one of my closest friend. Everyone just found something better to do. They are following their professions,”

Jona who holds a bachelor degree in finance and driven by passion for music further noted that he will forever be doing music without it having to compromise his career. Asked how he manages to juggle between work and music he said he only goes to the studio during weekends.

“As much as I have an eight to five job; I don’t think I will ever leave my job for music because of its financial status you know” he giggled.

He also mentioned that he has plans to study further and prepare himself to be a father and a husband someday.


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