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Jossy Joss, Walenga cross swords overpayment

Former Eagle FM Station Manager Joss Joss and the station owner John Walenga are beating the drums of war after the former left the station last month.
In what is perhaps the first stinging revelation Jossy Joss took to social media to vent against Walenga who he accused of refusing to pay him his February salary.

unwrap.online can also confirm that Jossy has dragged his former boss to labour court in the past three weeks in a bid to recoup his dues.

“After spending 21 years in the Media industry and telling facts over those years, it would be wrong for me to see an injustice and not speak against it. I resigned from Eagle FM and Eagle FM accepted my resignation with no issues at all but now Eagle FM’s owner John Walenga has made this matter personal and is now unlawfully holding onto my February 2020 salary as well as my leave payout which under the law is guaranteed to every employee who resigns, ” he said.

He added that It is wrong for many media people to continue going through such cruel treatment by employers when they put their lives on the line daily to be the voice of the voiceless. Breaking the law is wrong and every employer should respect the Namibian labour law including media owners.

30 years into Namibia’s independence and yet we are still burdened by these type of cruel treatment by Namibians on other Namibians, this should surely stop with immediate effect. If it can happen to me what about those who have no means to speak up against such injustices? I am sure they continuously suffer in silence.”


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