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Journalist turns to film production

By: Ashley Jantjies

“Films have the power to convey a message, entertain and inspire action more effectively and I believe that’s where I want to be, in a position to inspire action in others and myself.”

This is especially true in Comfort Ajibola’s case, whose latest short film ‘Reset’ tells the story of an unemployed videographer struggling to get a job and must think of a different way of survival.

The restrictions placed by the current COVID 19 pandemic for people who want to make ends meet, is the inspiration behind the film, which is an unfortunate reality that not only creatives face but other people too.

“I didn’t always want to be a producer, but I knew that I wanted to be in the film-making world. I always been creative and a storyteller. It forms part of my identity and I enjoy it very much. I chose to get into producing because it fits the skills that I have and other interests that I continue to explore in myself, ” she said.

A former journalist, Ajibola said she left the trade in search of new challenges.

“The filmmaking industry is tough. If people don’t know you, they won’t invite you to collaborate or even intern on their projects. I think my approach has always been to show myself and show what I can do with what I have and build my credibility for myself and those who are checking out for me. Thankfully, with social media tools, it is possible to do that,” said Ajibola.


She also added that “There are opportunities available as long as you are willing to create them. I think there are so many incredible stories that walk the streets of our nation just begging to be told, and so many of us are waiting for the right moment as well as funding, and for this pandemic to be over, to begin working on something truly authentic.”

Ajibola said there are many Namibian stories that need to be told.

“I do think that people are doing their best to tell stories, and more support and encouragement, we could really elevate the representation of Namibia and Africa as a whole to the world, ” said Ajibola.

Her advice for those who aspire to break into the industry is to be committed.


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