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JuliArt lives for nudity

By Ashley Jantjies

“Life is better with clothes off”

As children, we were very comfortable and at our happiest running around naked, so it just makes sense that we all should be nudists.
However, nudity has the power to cause controversy.

Julia Hango, widely known as JuliArt reveals how she is living her dream and deals with backlash from society.
In addition to being a proud naturist, JuliArt is also a performing artist, photographer and body activist whose only goal is to return to nature in all things she does.

“Becoming a mother to a girl child kinda just led me down the path I am on currently and I knew I wanted to tell the truth so loudly one day she will be able to look at it all and be inspired,” she said.

The artist, who offers nude yoga and tarot readings online told unWrap.online that she is just a piece of the cosmic source field experiencing this human reality she co-created for herself and that being naked has 100% gotten her closer to the higher self and all divination within her.

“Beauty is everything to me. All is beautiful. Beauty is difference. Uniqueness. Beauty is in every expression of life, so all things are beautiful in their own way,” said JuliaArt.

Having played a significant role in guiding people rediscover their bodies, their sexualities and their inner powers or magic, the artist who is no longer fazed by the backlash from society admitted it was difficult in the beginning but now she doesn’t attract it into her energy field.

“I just truly don’t mind it because I am the mirror reflection to everybody’s deepest desire to feel free in their own skin. O knowing that I know how people react or backlash it has absolutely nothing to do with me or my work,” said JuliArt.

She added that the biggest misconception about nudism is that nudists are always horny and promiscuous, which according to her is the furthest thing from the truth.

She previously held a ‘Naked Spaces’ exhibition, which is a photography series that documents the spaces in which Namibian people feel most comfortable being naked.


Her ‘Naked Potjie’ experience encouraged people to be completely comfortable in their bare skin, which empowers people to accept and celebrate their bodies.
“I am grateful for whatever recognition I have received. I no longer need outside validation for my work and my lifestyle so I do not really care if I get any more recognition than I have already gotten. I am just grateful to be alive and living my biggest dreams and doing it all naked and free,” said JuliArt.
She knows her purpose and with the acceptance of the people who matters to her, she is going to live her truth.


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