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Kaboy Kamakili: I’m not an alcoholic

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

Fast-rising musician Kaboy Kamakili was recently caught on camera looking intoxicated and stumbling over himself and his words during a performance in Ondangwa over the week and according to him, it was all part of his act. 

The short video went viral on social media with some people feeling sorry and others making memes. 

Kamakili, who broke into the scene after having gone viral on social media followed up with a stellar performance at Kasi Vibe in 2019 has always been regarded as a future superstar, but alcohol abuse has never been kind to many artists in Namibia as it has been the downfall of a few. 

When asked to confirm if he was under the influence of alcohol, Kamakili replied saying that it was just his vuma. 

“I am not an alcoholic, people are just hating on me and it’s not new. I call that energy when I’m performing. It’s my vuma. I was not drunk,” Kamakili said.

 He also mentioned that he quit alcohol and further condemns those who drink before hitting the stage, urging them to learn from him and leave alcohol behind. 


Speaking on intoxication and ill behaviour while on the job for creatives, event organiser Salmi Shiguedha said that when an artist comes to a show inebriated or late, both the event organizer and event-goers become upset.

 “People will always hold the organiser of the event liable and it is the organiser’s duty though to not allow a drunk artist on stage. Find a reason for them not to get on because that will tarnish both your name as an organiser and that of the artist,” Shiguedha said. 

Shiguedha suggests that artists who are not professional be held liable for their actions and should in return be held liable to refund the organisers.

Brand strategist Kalistu Mukoroli shares these sentiments saying that the organisers should not let artists who are under the influence of alcohol perform. 

“Their first obligation is to the sponsors and this kind of behaviour gives the sponsor a bad name. No one wants to work with someone that doesn’t value a brand,” Mukoroli said. 

Mukoroli also mentioned that the main reason why artists don’t get major sponsors anymore is because of behaviour like that. “Brands put their money in other industries like sports because of bad experiences they encountered with musicians and in the end, they throw everyone in the same camp,” he said.

CLEAN: Kaboy Kamakili says acting drunk is all part of his act. 

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