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Kalactive to rock Nuts

From kicking it together in school to stages across the continent, Kalactive does it again.

A trio of high-school friends will on Friday 01 November 2019, 19h00 feature on stage for the Night Under the Stars (NUTS) – Kalactive edition.

“We are looking forward to bringing people together through music that has developed since we met during high-school in Zimbabwe,” said aspiring singer and instrumentalist, Raymond Tatenda Mupfumira who will be joined on stage by I Am King (Titus Douglas) on the saxophone and decks, and Mutsa Lairdman on the keyboard and
synthesizer. Sir Ray, as he is known on stage, explained how they recently decided to form the trio after years of deliberation.

“We came together in Namibia from Zimbabwe and decided to finally form the trio – if not now, when?” he said.
“I regard myself as a multi-instrumentalist as I can play the bass guitar, Cajon, djembe, marimba, mbira and keyboard to produce a unique sound that combines the synth-bass and piano sounds,” said Lairdman.

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He explained that his inspiration comes from exploring the music and arts of other cultures, while remaining true to his own – which has had the trio work with a diverse set of musicians.

“Kalactive has worked with many artists and this edition of NUTS will feature a few of them to have us develop their sounds on stage and provide the audience with a buffet of sounds and an interactive experience. We would like to keep their names secret until the show,” he said.

The trio has experiences of performing at festivals in
Namibia, South Africa, Rwanda, Botswana and Zambia.
“It is difficult to describe our genre as we produce a diverse set of sounds. More than 80 per cent of the tracks will be original and performed in an interactive way to produce another brand new sound with the audience,” said Douglas (I Am King).

He is to deliver a unique flavour of traditional drumming from Zimbabwe that will be combined with electronic sounds.

“I believe there is no limit to culture and I embrace the sounds of artists that combine traditional beats with modern and western electro sounds to produce something unique and interesting,” said Mupfumira who also manages the trio’s
Join us for another unique and entertaining concert. Entrance is 20 NAD. The Goethe-Institut Namibia is located on 1-5 Fidel Castro Street.


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