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Kanibal on the ball

Kanibal is on some high energy tip and we could learn a thing or two from him!

Rapper Kanibal has been making major moves as of late and he couldn’t help but boast in his success which we just love! The rapper made it known that he is working and will continue working on his Facebook profile in a post cautioning people to remember the moment in the months to come.
The post read:
“The second video is done, 3rd and 4th on the way. When I set my mind to it, I don’t stop until I’m THE BEST! And now I’ve set my mind to videos, documentaries, and movies. Give me 6 months and remember this post!”

Kanibal last year blessed the nation with a free album Rebirth: Episode 1 after a massive four-year break from the music scenes. The album went viral and had over 7000 just in two weeks post its release on various online platforms, an indication that he still has a great impact in the hip hop industry.
Kanibal who is also a music producer recently released his first video from Rebirth Episode 1 Sorry Boss last year that has over 6000 views on YouTube.

Kanibal who is being managed by Black Widow Music also featured in King Wasaby’s Green Light track which was released earlier this month.
Keep an eye on Kanibal because the next six months will be exciting for the music industry at large.


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