The Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) is a Namibian Trust aiming at creating social
awareness using the Arts. Over the years it has developed award-winning movies such as
Salute! and Kukuri. For ‘Kapana’, film director Philippe Talavera resumes his collaboration with Adriano Visagie, who is performing the leading role of George. Written by award-winner Senga Brockenhoff and Mikiros Garoes, Kapana is a positive Namibian love story.

“We hear so much about negative stories, particularly stories involving Gender-Based Violence, that we wanted to do something different, something more positive, yet educational and challenging for the audience,” says Telavera.

When asked to summarise the plot, Talavera said it is about two lives with almost nothing in common, two secrets and one place, however, can love conquer all?

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“We were lucky to finish principal photography end of last year”, explained Talavera. “The
lockdown affected us, but we could continue with editing, music and post-production. It was
hard at times to work within the many restrictions that were imposed on us, but everybody
was passionate about the project and worked hard to make it a reality,” he said.

No release date has been set up yet, as OYO was waiting for the country to move to stage 4
before releasing the film. “A premiere is a celebration of the work done by everybody”, said

“it didn’t feel right to release the film with no premiere, or with only 50 people. We
wanted to wait till we could open it up for more people to see. We aim at a premiere end July
and have already created Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages – as the hashtags #KapanaMovie and #ANamibianLoveStory – to ensure people will be informed on progress,” he concluded.


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