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Kasi Vibe Festival gives back to the community

IN PICTURES: Last weekend, a dedicated Kasi Vibe Festival team headed over to the Ombili Soup Kitchen together with the Simply You Magazine team for a fun day and a warm meal.

The team opted for the Ombili Soup Kitchen because they carter for all the children in the neighborhood and they are in constant need of support.

“It’s very important to give back to the community and it felt really great. We are working on working on a plan that benefits the project in the future,” said Salmi Shiguedha , one of the organisers.

Amidst the volunteers from Kasi Vibe Festival and Simply You Magazine was Gweri Socks founder and artist Zulu who seemed to be having a lot of fun.

The Kasi Vibe Festival is an entrepreneurship and empowerment event that brings young creative together with the aim of developing the economy by providing a platform for startups to showcase their goods and services. The initiative started in 2017 and will be hosting its fifth volume from 1 to 3 March.

The Kasi Vibe Festival team is looking forward to having drums during their volume five edition, where the public is encouraged to bring along nonperishables and items to be donated to the Ombili Soup Kitchen.


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