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Katutura fashion week is here

The fashion industry in its many facets plays a vital role towards Namibia’s advancement. Katutura Fashion Week (KFW) is a local platform with international aspirations that was inspired by a past of segregation, hence the name “Katutura” Fashion Week.

This platform is aimed at uniting the diverse cultures, ethnicities and traditions of Namibia through the art of fashion and bringing global fashion to the people.  

KFW Awards is the complement to the goals and objectives of KFW. It is a platform solely aimed at recognizing and awarding the un-recognized, known but celebrated, or renowned but not awarded. The KFW Awards will be presented on Saturday, 28th September 2019 on the last day of KFW. This lavish ceremony is expected to take place at the National Independence Memorial Museum Restaurant (NIMMS) and they hope to see everyone at the historic evening. With so many elements to the industry of fashion, Katutura Fashion week founders wanted to make sure they fit in the vast majority of industry contributors. Hence, the 19 categories and 5 nominees per category in its first year. Just to title some of the categories was a challenge, not because they were limited but because they did not want to limit themselves but rather to truly encapsulate the magnitude of that specific category.

And as for the winners of these categories, they will be selected in two partial methods depending on the category in which they have been nominated for. These selection processes include a public voting system which will open to the public on the 1st of July and run until the 27th of September at 23h59. A link will be shared. As well as judging process from a judging panel. Where they will collaborate and consult various industry experts.

1.      KFW Fashion Media of the Year
 2.     KFW Fashion Sponsor of the Year
3.      KFW Modelling Agency of the Year
4.      KFW Child Model of the Year
5.      KFW Plus Size Model of the Year
6.      KFW Male Model to Look out For
7.      KFW Female Model to Look out For
8.      KFW Designer to Look out For

09. KFW Fashion Influencer of the Year
10. KFW Hair Stylist of the Year
11. KFW Makeup Artist of the Year
12. KFW Stylist of the Year
13. KFW Photographer of the Year
14. KFW Beauty Queen of the Year
15. KFW Male Model of the Year
16. KFW Female Model of the Year
17. KFW Designer of the Year
18. KFW Ambassador of the Year
19. KFW Lifetime Achievement Award

“Fashion is passion, expressed in art, and if it were not for fashion, we would not be able to express ourselves. Let alone have anything to wear without making a statement.”- Dingi Namibia


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