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Khadijah on her journey as an actor

By Priscilla Mukokobi

Khadijah Mouton (25) a multitalented Namibian is known as an enterprenuer, DJ, Songwriter and a dancer yet growing up she dreamt of being an actress although she was very shy and insecure.

That didn’t stop her from pursuing her career in acting and she fell in love with acting from watching television.

“When it comes to performing I used to be in Christmas plays in Sunday school where we would act, dance and sing. I’m a singer I make music, I’m a dancer and I use to do dancing classes. Honestly dancing is on top of there with the things I love,”she said.

According to Khadijah she believes that dancing and acting go hand in hand because dancing is a form of acting because you are using your body.

First time she did a role as an actor was when she was in grade seven where she acted in a play called foolish ray as a lead actress and played a boy.

When she was in matric she was part of Art Beat by NTN where they were taught acting, poetry, music as well as dancing and had a theater production around the skills she gained.

Later she joined an Afrikaans theater production were she was a lead actress. “My screen play day built was an online web series called ‘Untitled’ that was my first time doing screen. I played a character named Beyolla who was is a visual artist,”she said.

Even though it was her first time being on screen and camera hence it was her introduction to be on screen. It was a dream she had for so long seeing herself on screen. Later on she acted in a film called ‘#Landofthebrave’ the biggest thing she has done with her career the most production she has ever been and she is very proud of herself.

In the film she played a character called Cherry she is a prostitute by circumstances not by choice. It was a very significant role.

“What I love about this film is depicted coloured culture which I have not yet experienced in Namibian films and internationally. With the Land of the Brave film I had an opportunity to see a girl on screen that I wish I saw as a child a beautiful coloured girl, with curly hair being on screen as a strong woman and I’m so honored,” she said.

Khadijah wants to be featured in many movies and series to keep her career going and acting is something that is close to her heart. Unfortunately in Namibia there’s lack of opportunities to be part of movies unlike in Hollywood where you can produce 4-5 movies.

“I really love fantasy movies and in the future I would like to be featured in fantasy movies. My favourite movie is of all time is Avatar and I like the process that you have to go into. These people go hours and hours in make up. I want to be in movies such as Avatar where there are blue people and it is completely outside reality that was created in someone’s imagination,” she notes.

Avatar and Charlie Chaplin factory kind of movies are completely escape from reality for her when she is watching them she escape from reality and sometimes finds herself in wonderland.

Khadijah sees herself as an imaginative person. She is quite delusional that makes her perfect as an actress because she is able to escape reality.

“I find my inspiration from Johnny Depp what a beautiful artist. He has the ability just to mold in any character he is given and that takes self awareness and death of ego. You need to kill that ego,” she concluded.


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