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King Kidd’s two cents about the local music industry

By Dalene Kooper

Up and coming rapper King Kidd has been making music for quite some time now. The artist currently stranded in Nairobi, Kenya due to peaking covid-19 cases, took a vacation last year December to visit his family.

The rapper described his experience in the Namibian music scene as “young, fresh, and has room to grow”. As an upcoming artist, King Kidd explained how established artists in Namibia reap more benefits than upcoming artists, who are most likely to be paid in exposure.

The artist said that upcoming rappers in Namibia have the potential to make it big, if only the industry had a major music distribution company such as Sony Music SA, Warner bros or Universal music.

“Hard working young artists are deprived of their chance to become successful rappers due to the lack of platform to showcase their talents. Namibians tend to enjoy more of the house and amapiano music whereas rap music is deemed more of the western style,” He added.

The rapper, who won’t mention the cliché of hoping to inspire through music, says that he wants to wake up loving what he does and that it puts food on the table and make music that people can enjoy. The artist expressed that sometimes making music can be draining and depressing, not that he is complaining but these times are grooming him for the future.

Despite the struggle, he is optimistic about his rap career. King Kidd, who is grateful to be featured on unWrap.online, hopes to blow up locally and then aim for the international market. The rapper’s fans can stream his previous EPs Julius Ceaser, Young Ceaser, Into the Dark and Astro Kid on Audiomack, Deezer and Spotify


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